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Dr. Ken Sandhage with studentDr. Peter Hesketh

Career Opportunities

As nanoscience and nanotechnology research evolve, research and design opportunities in industry and academia continue to expand in a number of prominent fields, including electronics and optoelectronics; biomedical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic agents; and energy-assisted and catalytic materials.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology comprise one of the fastest-growing research and development areas in the world. Nanoparticle usage is already producing revenue in industries associated with chemical-mechanical polishing, magnetic recording tapes, sunscreens, automotive catalyst supports, biolabeling, electroconductive coatings, and optical fibers. According to the United States' National Nanotechnology Initiative, approximately 20,000 researchers worldwide are involved in nanotechnology research, with North American corporations spending $1.7 billion in nanotechnology research and development in 2004 alone, according to Lux Research.

Other countries are also committed to nanotechnology research and development, including Japan, China, and Korea, which have made significant investments in nanotechnology pursuits in the last few years. According to Lux Research, governments invested $4.6 billion worldwide in nanotechnology research and development in 2004, with $1.6 billion invested in North America. By 2014, that number will spiral to $2.6 trillion in the healthcare and medical fields. In the past few years, the research and development divisions of international industry giants such as Sony, Canon, and IBM have pumped millions of dollars into developing new patents for emerging nanotechnologies. In 2002, Sony applied for almost forty patents, according to Thomson Derwent analysts. The substantial spending is necessary. The National Science Foundation anticipates that two million workers will be needed for worldwide nanotechnology pursuits within the next fifteen years.

Georgia Tech is devoted to producing the successful nanoscience and nanotechnology innovators of the future. Whether in the realm of industry research and development, academia, or entrepreneurship, Tech provides a variety of career opportunities in the expanding field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. In addition to preparing students for research scientist positions across the world, Tech provides the hands-on nanoscience and nanotechnology experience that top-ranked businesses desire.