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Georgia Tech Ph.D. candidate Cleon Davis is interested in endless possibilities. Davis, who will graduate with a Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering in 2006, creates neural networks and then trains them to recognize and predict patterns, even ones they have not yet experienced.

His challenging research in improving semiconductor manufacturing processes will result in decreased costs and increased profits for semiconductor manufacturers. "It's very rewarding," says Davis, who recently developed an acoustic sensor that measures the temperature of materials during the manufacturing process. Although he currently researches materials in the micro range, future plans call for transitioning to the nanolevel. "It's a natural progression," says Davis, who currently mentors two undergraduate students through the Intel Opportunities Scholar program. "I'm looking forward to creating nanosensors, to delving into nanotechnology."

To learn about the field he will soon be delving into, Davis joined Nano@Tech, an organization at Tech that educates middle and high school students about nanoscience and nanotechnology efforts. "It's very exciting to learn what people around Georgia Tech are doing," says Davis, who attends lectures by Georgia Tech nanoscience and nanotechnology researchers and was a guide for the 2005 NanoInfusions Days educational program sponsored by Nano@Tech. "For me it's very beneficial, and it's very beneficial for the students, too," says Davis. "The more you're exposed to science, the better."

His preparation is sure to come in handy when he tackles nanotechnology, the science of the future. For Davis, the future can't come soon enough. "Nanotechnology's possibilities are endless."