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Satish  Kumar
Satish Kumar
College of Engineering
School of Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering
phone: 404-894-7550
NanoTECH Research Area Affiliations
Research Summary

Research is focused on carbon nanotube films and fibers as well as on polymer/carbon nanotube composite films and fibers. Single wall, double wall, and multiwall carbon nanotubes (SWNT, DWNT, MWNT) as well as vapor grown carbon nano fibers (VGCNF) are being used for this purpose. These films and fibers are being evaluated for structural, electrical, thermal, and optical applications. In addition, mesoporous carbon nanotube containing films are being processed that can find applications as electrochemical supercapacitor electrode, fuel cell membrane, and as carbon dioxide scavenger material. Polymer/carbon nanotube interaction and the effect of nanotube on polymer crystallization are being investigated. Polymer/carbon nanotube composites are also being evaluated as precursor material for next generation carbon fiber. Electrospinning and island-in-a-sea geometry bi-component fibers are being used for processing nanometer diameter polymeric fibers for biomedical and other applications.

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