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Naresh N. Thadhani
Naresh N. Thadhani
Professor and Associate Chair
College of Engineering
School of Materials Science and Engineering
phone: 404-894-2651
NanoTECH Research Area Affiliations
Research Summary

Professor Thadhani's research interest is in synthesis and processing of nanocrystalline metals and alloys in bulk form for applications based on structural, energetic, magnetic, and thermoelectric properties. He employs bottom-up approaches to consolidate nano-sized particles and make bulk compacts via dynamic shock consolidation, and top-down approaches to synthesize bulk materials with nanocrystalline grain size via high-strain-rate and severe plastic deformation processes, as well as by de-vitrification or crystallization of glassy alloys. With the top-down approach his research group has fabricated hard/soft phase exchange-coupled nanocomposite permanent magnets in the form of disks and cylinders with energy products higher than any commercially available resin-bonded magnets. The bottom-up approach is used to not only obtain bulk compacts of nanoparticles, but also to investigate the shock-pressure induced reaction response of reactive nanoparticles for design and development of multifunctional structural energetic materials.

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