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Robert L. Whetten
Robert L. Whetten
College of Sciences
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, School of Physics
phone: 404-894-8255
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Research Summary

Dr. Whetten researches gold-cluster oxidation and hydrogen-generation catalysis. Catalysts consisting of gold nanoparticles supported on certain metal-oxide supports have been shown to have exceptional activity and robustness even at reduced temperatures and humid environment. Dr. Whetten’s group has investigated the adsorption of various gases (O2, CO, NOx, SO2, D2O) on smaller gold-cluster anions, AuN(-), N to 20 atoms, at near-ambient temperatures. We also demonstrate a novel source of hydrated gold-clusters or their hydroxides that makes it possible to study a vital range of catalytic processes, including the water gas shift reaction, methanol reforming to (CO2, H2), and related electrocatalytic reactions.

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