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Jeffrey  Davis
Jeffrey Davis
Assistant Professor
College of Engineering
Shcool of Electrical and Computer Engineering
phone: 404-894-4770
NanoTECH Research Area Affiliations
Research Summary

Interconnecting complex micro- and nano- computing systems presents a myriad of unique challenges. In current computing products, global and semi-global VLSI interconnections impose significant limits on system performance, power dissipation, noise, and cost. The general goal of the Advanced Interconnect Modeling and Design (AIMD) research group headed by Prof. Davis investigates the limitations and opportunities of connecting billion transistor systems. Prof. Davis' current research is focused on developing advanced VLSI interconnect models for a variety of interconnect technologies; designing robust wave-pipelined high bit-rate interconnect circuits; creating novel impromptu on-chip micro-networks; and using macroscopic and microscopic interconnect prediction in physical design.

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