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Russell D. Dupuis
Russell D. Dupuis
Professor, Steve W. Chaddick Endowed Chair in Electro-Optics
Director, Center for Compound Semiconductors, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar
College of Engineering
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
phone: 404-385-6094
NanoTECH Research Area Affiliations
Research Summary

Dupuis’ Group is exploring the limits of quantum-confined nanostructures in semiconductor materials and devices and working to apply this knowledge to enhance the performance of existing devices and to create new functionalities in the operation of novel device structures. This includes, for example, the creation of “zero-dimensional” quantum dots coupled to “one-dimensional” quantum wells to create a new class of high-performance injection lasers and the coupling of ZnO nanorods with GaN-based materials to create improved visible LEDs in the blue and green spectra regions. Future work is being planned to incorporate biological materials in combinations with semiconductors to explore novel electronic and optoelectronic properties.

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